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Do not stay here. Lots of illegalities.

They let men stay on women's floors and they also let animals, specifically dogs, that are not service dogs into shelter sleeping areas. They also don't follow their own protocols for not having food on the floor--the fourth floor of Next Door has a lot of shelter guests eating and drinking things like sandwiches, candy bars and soda pop. They should follow their no food policy because they have a serious bug infestation problem in the 1001 Polk Street building and are supposed to be spraying for bugs at least once per week. They also have an illegal hate speech rule that boots people out on the street if they say "***" one time.

However, if you call someone a "beaner" if they are Latina or Latino or if you call someone "white trash" or "white ***" if they are caucasion or are perceived to be caucasion (i.e. white), then nothing happens. Also, they allow black women to scream and to threaten each other on a nightly basis without calling the Department of Mental Health or the police. What they do if you are not black and are not having any medical problems, however, is call 911 and then the San Francisco Fire Department paramedics will come and evaluate you.

They will take you to the hospital, but when they pass a transgender *** who solicits them--firemen--right on the corner of Geary and Polk while they are on their way for an emergency call, they won't have the transgender *** taken away for anything. Late in the afternoon of Monday, March 15, 2016, which was the last day for the Winter Emergency Shelters to be open, guess what? The "HOT" team had outreach staff interviewing people outside this shelter who were actually staying there. Where should they have been?

There were plenty of people who stayed in the subway that night as long as they could and who were clogging up the nearby Civic Center/United Nations BART Station. There were plenty of people in the Winter Shelter program who were not on the 311 waiting list for a ninety day bed. So why have public resources been wasted in this manner? This shelter is part of Episcopal Services twenty-two million dollar budget.

The firemen and the HOT team personnel are part of San Francisco City and County funding. This shelter also has Medi-Cal intake staff on its second floor, so it is also probably getting public funding. Why do the taxpayers allow all of this to go on? Last night, the evening of Easter Sunday, i.e.

March 27, 2016, a woman in bed 51 on the fourth floor threatened multiple times to smother the woman in bed 50 on the fourth floor and called the woman "white trash." The staff did nothing. Would the San Francisco police show up if the woman in 51, who arguably has some psychotic tendencies, actually did follow through on her threat to smother the woman in the bed right next to her?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Money damages and housing elsewhere..

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