Amanda Stokes is using our address on Next Door Norwood. com

I notified the lead, he said thanks and added her to the group despite me notifying him of the fraud.

I let the group know also.

I have had to mute people who do not think it is a big deal. This is a place where guidelines of the group are not followed by the lead or the group members.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Leads.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Store Location: Hamersville, Ohio

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I agree the people they arbitrarily select as LEADs have no requirement of integrity. They can get away with slandering others and lying and Nextdoor won't help the victim. Instead Nextdoor bans the victim.


It is rampant on the site and when you take a stand against the clearly fake accounts that pop up daily, guess what... the good people who really live in the community and post helpful info are the ones kicked off.¡¿¡¿ I know first hand and really makes one think what is truly going on with the site as it takes a 10 yr old to do some simple fact checking and to verify a fake account, yet with all of the info spoon fed to them, I saw it backfire on the good frequently.

It's a huge time waster and the negatives definitely outweigh the positives on the site. It could be very beneficial for many reasons and I am sure law enforcement and others on it are on to all of the criminal behavior occuring for all to see. Be careful of personal info you post on it, it is NOT a secure or safe site as advertised. It takes a few easy steps to create a fake account and you have everyone's email, address, phone, and anything else you post (in settings you can toggle some off but they don't make it easy and some come back on) ...

how easy does it make it for criminals these days, might as well leave them your keys, save the broken window or door. ***You are better without this one in your life...you can thank me later...Happy Holidays!

@M P

Thank you. I agree. Happy Holidays to you as well.

@M P

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