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I thought this website was...awesome at first. Until I made my first post that is regarded as a national problem.

Apparently you cannot defend yourself, and in doing so, the main offender who called YOU out in the first place, will flag your comment and your thread will be deleted without reason because apparently it 'violated community guidelines.' Pretty much, most of the members on there are entitled human beings and can easily get butthurt if you challenge them even slightly. Contacted staff about this, TWICE, not only did they show me a comment I made was apparently a 'violation' (I didn't call anyone out, I was defending MYSELF and didn't cuss at anyone, flagger was probably butthurt), but they also didn't give me a reason as to HOW the comment itself was a violation of community guidelines.

Oh, even better, they 'closed' the email thread because when I tried to respond, it said the email address no longer exists. If you wanted to run a website, make sure YOU do YOUR DUE DILIGENCE and make sure the USER confirms they understand why you did, what you did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Nextdoor Cons: Website, Customer service, Staff, Members, Easily offended people.

  • Entitlement
  • Horrible Support Staff
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Nextdoor is a Hyper Partisan Facist Progressive Outlet out of SF. They make Facebook look fair.

They routinely Censor anyone who they deem Unfit.

There must be something to do with these crazy leftist media companies. And definitely room for another Fair and Free Speech neighborhood website


Get a real life and forget the social media BS. If I were young and healthy like you are, I'd never have even seen your complaint because I wouldn't waste my precious youth with such rot.

Now I'm old, sick, physically and mentally broken and read gripes for fun. It's pitiful.

Go get a real life full of joy and companionship ! When you're old like me and most of your friends are dead you can be a sad loser on social media.


that's how social media works these days no matter how big or small. Somebody gets butt hurt and you get slapped for it


I had a similar thing happen to me but it went on for days. There's no understanding at Nextdoor.com. It's a permanent retirement home for high schoolers who never gave up being mean girls or juvenile instigators.


Agree, full of immature mostly uneducated narcissistic dolts


They kicked me off because a neighbor made bad remarks about me She should be out not me I did nothing wrong


Yes, go to know. How do you contact ND.com. I can't find anyway


I’m thinking I’m banned because the app won’t let me sign in when I try to it just deletes the sign in information. Idk - did I get banned - did that nasty lady get me banned? If so oh well there loss ...


You're banned that's what happened to me


I found it to be great if you are an animal person and love wildlife--but God forbid if you don't or stickup for animals--I was threatened and called at HOME from a man who harassed me and berated me--even told me to MOVE and to take MY PILLS??? Nextdoor didn't kick him off--I left for my families safety--I would NOT recommend the site to anyone.


Nextdoor Leads who are generally backed up by Nextdoor Support make it nearly impossible to have a legitimate debate online about one's neighborhood... Especially if you are an HOA Member.

What happens is, once a small group of like-minded people works their way into so-called 'lead' positions, they control such debates by censoring valid discussion that does not conform to their opinions.

Leads, self-perpetuate their standards, and then support@nextdoor.com does little to really legitimately examine the bias. For them, it is so much easier to simply ban individuals from participation....


Nextdoor is WORSE than those neighborhood groups on Facebook. At least on Facebook you can't get flagged over butt hurt like you do here. Nextdoor is just a bunch of *** snowflake buttercups that get offended over everything!

Hannibal C

yep lol couldn't agree more


Totally agree with their having a non existent customer service. Anyone can boot you off the site if they do not agree with your post.

No way to defend yourself as they refuse to answer emails. Allowing trolling and nasty comments about age.

Would not answer repeated requests for information on their complaint process and who their local administrators are. Really really bad.


absolutely. this has just recently happened to me--someone didn't like my post and flagged me as having a fake profile. My account was suspended for several weeks until I gave proof of residence with an ID and they reopened it again




Anyone new to Nextdoor and is confronted with opposition should simply leave and save yourself further aggravation. If you've got a life, you won't miss it.

Any subject matter that touches on "controversial" is up for criticism. Nextdoor is not comprised of the smartest people in the neighborhood !


They are based in San Francisco. Are they not supposed to be the epitome of inclusiveness and tolerance?


I totally agree with the persons' sentiment about the the support@nextdoor.com, and not getting any type of answer as to where either the support staff may be nor why people are removed from the website are either at the headquarters or is it done locally.

@J D

I agree

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