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Ok, where do I start?I have used Craigslist, eBay, amazon, offer up, letgo, poshmark, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...for years.

I have a 5 star rating on the sites that allow reviews. I kept getting postcards to join this "Nextdoor" app. I join not using my last name. Guess what, weeks go by & the company disables my account.

They tell me that per their "terms & conditions", it's against their policy to not have your first & last name on there! So I gave it to them & they finally reactivate my account. Then I see that people are selling items on there. So I decide to do the same.

I take pics of items that I'm selling, add the measurements, details, etc...add them to Nextdoor. Went to my next item, did the same & added it to the Nextdoor app. I do it again with another item. Boom!!!!

I get a private message from 1 of their "Neighbor" scouts they use. She messaged me this long drawn out explanation about "Over posting". I posted 3 items!!!! That was it!

Then the next day, I get another email from Nextdoor corporate!!! Pretty much telling me that I was reported by neighbors on the app for overposting. Then I get a messsage from a random guy telling me that I should reword my posting. Who is he?

I mentioned "no scammers" and he said that everyone on Nextdoor is reputable. Bs! Just because they are on this app doesn't mean they are honorable & trustworthy. There are bad apples everywhere.

I feel so harrassed. Everything I do on this app is wrong! How am I a 5 star seller & buyer on over 9 apps & social sites but a loser on this??!! Who owns this company?

It's like a military camp + 10,0000,0000!!!Please everyone, submit your review & make it known!!!

Review about: Nextdoor Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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well you was posting bad things about people and who are you to sell what you sell your selling is pitafull and you are a bigbut lier too you dont look good and you dont own anyone and if you have kids really cyf should take them so shut up and stop doing bad things that *** you said on nextdoor aint true and you aint right so get lost and eat oatmill

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