My problem is with the unnecessarily invasive (atrocious!) permissions the Android app requires. It looks like the company wants to collect more information about me than really necessary for the purpose of "NextDoor neighborhood bulletin board".

Among others, it wants to: find accounts on the device read your own contact card read your contacts find accounts on the device (It doesn't look like that is because it creates its own account, as it doesn't request "add or remove accounts") read your own contact card read phone status and identity read call log read your text messages (SMS or MMS) approximate location (network-based) precise location (GPS and network-based) B. Smith "¢ 2 years ago I discovered 3 days ago that the NextDoor site is sitting on top of a software "PLATFORM" run by a company Maponics (who is repackaging and reselling every bit of this information to Facebook, Google, etc.) READ THE PRIVACY POLICY ON NEXTDOOR. NEXTDOOR ADDS THE FOLLOWING TO THE USER EXPERIENCE: SERVER LOGS to collect data, WEB BEACONS attached to their website and emails to track your usage. They currently own NON-PUBLIC INFORMATION ABOUT EVERYONE APPARENTLY, ACCORDING TO THEIR PRIVACY POLICY.

If you use Facebook Connect, these two services can and will cross-populate platforms given a chance to do so. SEE THE NEXTDOOR PRIVACY POLICY, PAGE 2, LAST PARAGRAPH: re: Facebook Connect. HOW DOES A COMPANY BRAND GO FROM NOTHING TO INTERNATIONAL in 3 YEARS??? If NextDoor was a startup, they would have to build infrastructure, test for stability on multiple browsers, build up security, create marketing plans and sales plans, and hire and sell.

3 YEARS TO INTERNATIONAL BRANDING...SEEMS VERY UNREALISTIC, EVEN WITH TONS OF MONEY AT ONE'S FINGERTIPS. BEWARE...NEXTDOOR IS NOT WHAT THEY SEEM. REAL ESTATE AGENTS ARE BEING RECRUITED TO BECOME "LEADS" IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS. THEY ARE ALSO TASKED WITH REPORTING BACK ON YOU, LOOK AT THE POLICIES: one such quote from the policy for verifying you live where you live: "In addition, neighborhood Leads can see unverified neighbors and their addresses and manually verify them.

To further help with neighbor verification, Leads may also be able to see all neighbors' addresses, regardless of their display settings. We may inform Leads who has joined the neighborhood. ANOTHER POLICY DISCLAIMER IF YOU MOVE: "We may notify the neighborhood Leads of your departure from the neighborhood and give you an opportunity to explain it to the Leads." WOW, BLOCK NANNIES FOR ALL!!! I contacted a local real estate (Moss Beach, CA) agent name Trish McCoy regarding her setting up the Nextdoor website (she states she is the Lead and she set it up).

When asked about the privacy policy set up by Nextdoor, she claimed she never read it, told me that the quotes I have printed here and from their privacy policy was NOT TRUE AND THEN SHE RESORTED TO IMMEDIATE NAME CALLING KNOWN AS CHARACTER ASSASSINATION FOR SIMPLY ASKING HER IF SHE HAD READ THE POLICIES AND UNDERSTOOD THE PLATFORM PART WHERE THE DATA WAS BEING MINED AND PACKAGED FOR SELL. She was upset for my asking her about Maponics and their policies and MS. MCCOY STATED SHE DID NOT CARE IF THEY WERE SELLING EVERYONE'S INFORMATION. She told me that she refused to view the privacy policy, so we ended the conversation The professional backgrounds of the individuals at MAPONICS ARE VERY INTERESTING.

It appears that they report their information back to EVERY CORPORATION UNDER THE SUN, and specialize in GEOSPATIAL INTELLIGENCE (see TIMM.PDF). There are over FORTY THOUSAND SITES UNDER THIS NEXTDOOR BRAND if you read the Maponics information, ALONG WITH OWNERSHIP IN MARKETS ACROSS THE GLOBE: They are integrated into Real Estate, medical, academics, emergency services, and probably many more not found, yet. There are uncomfirmed reports that Next Door was founded by an ex CIA man, and there has been talk that is funded by the NSA. Next Door might not be what it seems.

There is big government.

big orporation, and even hints of some kind of cult, as dangerous as Scientology. It is a front organization collecting colosal amounts of personal data.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Privacy violations outrage.

Nextdoor Cons: Invasion of privacy insulting and offensive.

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I was banned from the system for no good reason and I guess I should let it go at that, being as their handling of personal information might be at risk.


NextDoor Promotes Cyber Bullying and Hate Crimes

Next-door allowed my neighbors to cyber bully me online and use the site for public shaming. They allowed them to post my personal information leading to the endangerment of me and my children.

A neighbor posted false complaints on the site to publically shame a person they think they saw in a car on the road doing something they did not approve of and then posted the description with license plate number of the car.

Within a few days of hateful messages and public shaming. An original post was made by Mona Smothers, Christian Valley Park on Nov 2 in Crime & Safety to Christian Valley Park She listed a description of my car and listed my license plate to make false allegations of a dangerous hateful nature online.

This is considered public shaming and against the rules.

After she posted my license plate number online and started false accusations creating a hateful conversations and public shaming about activities in a car.

I had people following my car and yelling at me and my kids in public for something I had NO IDEA about because this neighbor created such a hateful post it created a situation where people would see my car and stalk me or yell at me for things she accused someone in my car of doing online. These people have made me and my kids a target in the neighborhood with their claims and false accusations by posting my person information online. I did not know about the post until some stranger approached me and my children because he saw the post made with the false accusations and my license plate listed in her post.

They identified me by the license plate number posted. They approached me and my kids about it inappropriately because they saw my license plate number posted online and now know where we live. Creating now a dangerous situation for me and my family. I am now a target because my license plate is out there with someone’s angry post making false accusations and my kids are subjected hate or opinions.

This is not allowed according to the rules of Next-door but they did nothing to help my family and instead continue to allow the cyber bullying and hate crimes to continue online. I am now a target of hate because of the posted license plate online with self-righteous opinions identifying me, my car and can be followed home or anywhere I go now. T This is a dangerous world and a license plate or identifying factors in false accusations can be harmful to the safety of our families in our neighborhood. Public shaming on any social network is NOT allowed and the world outside of Next-door is a dangerous place.

Next door did nothing to correct this issue, and did nothing about the abuse, public shaming and illegal posts made by the neighbor posting my personal information online. They allowed me and my children to be harmed and stalked and cyber bullied.

They are bad people and should be shut down so nobody else gets hurt or is victimized by them. I take cyber bullying very seriously and NEXT DOOR did nothing to help my family.

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