I thought ND was a pretty good idea ... at first.

I finally started using the classified section to sell some items instead of Craigslist. Within 2 weeks I had listed I believe 7 items ... and lo and behold I got an email telling me that I listed too many things??? Too many?

but nothing says what too many is. I can never sign on without seeing numerous posts about dogs found or someone doing something and it appears to be the same people all the time ... but I listed too many items? So I just stopped using their Classifieds.

And any time you want to browse items for sale ... good luck because they are all sold already ... but no one monitors them to let folks know that they should delete the items sold or gone. One day as I was browsing ...

I would read the item listed and then scrolling down through comments someone would ask and the person would tell them it is gone / sold. So on several of those I very nicely said that " it is very easy to delete an item so that others don't get excited only to find out they are too late" ... I probably put that message on no more than 10 different ads. One person told the monitors that I was 'snarky' ...

or perhaps that was her own word ? and I got yet another email. Now this monitor could have asked ... how old was that post she wrote it on ...

how long after it was gone did she suggest you delete it? But I'm sure that never happened. You would think that hearing someone was doing that ... that they may get the hint that THEY should be doing it instead of me ...

? They have time to write nasty notes to me but not to make sure the site stays clean of 3 month old classifieds that are long gone. Anyway ... I'm done with ND.

Seems like it is a private site for a group... and anyone else has to be nearly invisible or they will be chastised. Too many butt-hurt people for me.

ND could be really good but ... it sucks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Forum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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