For the past six months or more I have been unable to open messages within the Nextdoor e-mails I receive. In addition, I cannot access any Nextdoor websites.

What do I need to do or what needs to be done to resolve this problem? This also happens when I attempt to log in on other Nextdoor web sites on the internet.

When I click on a message within all Nextdoor e-mails sent to me on Nextdoor or if I attempt to access a Nextdoor website I am sent to a page that reads as follows:


The request could not be satisfied.

Bad request.

Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)

Request ID: q8yiTUk7Yz4sVZFJ6IP3u75JOWc90pomxr-rw3KUwQD07zrEk25nLA==

I am at a loss as to what to do I have talked with my e-mail company Xfinity they advise there is no problem with my e-mail.

How do I resolve this problem? e-mail don1297@comcast.net

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Nextdoor Pros: I could stay in touch with neighbors, Communication with others and keeping up to minute info, Idea that a neighborhood but share and be helpful.

Location: Maple Grove, Minnesota

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Thank you so much! Switching from Edge to Firefox solved the problem for me, too.


Had the same problem with Edge and, after reading the above review, switched to IE and works fine. So maybe the problem is only with Edge?


I have recently received the same 494 message trying to access Nextdoor emails. That is when I was using Edge as my browser.

I simply switched browse to Firefox when accessing Nextdoor and the problem went away.

I still use Edge for most everything else. art


I've been on this site for about 5 years with no troubles, but now when I go on and try to open a message to further read it, I am blocked by something known as "Cloudfront". What is this and why is this happening? I truly enjoyed keeping up with my neighbors, but now...…………...nothing.

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