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I got booted by a Lead that is the complaint department also..

and she was the one that started the problem

she among few others got involved with a discussion of what went on in MY early childhood..

someone didnt like the fact I stated that Hobos that came to my house when I was a child made markings in a somewhat hidden location to let others know what kind of help they can receive from the home owner

"I posted a picture of the page, of the markings and what they mean"

another woman got mad as she said thats the same markings they use for Running and walking marathons

she got butt hurt

then the lead go involved as to picking on Homeless and they should be helped and crap that had nothing to do with the original subject

then she flagged me for violating rules and when I complained it went to her and her response, banned from NextDoor

the lead violates one of the rules, she doesnt use her real name and I sent in an Email to Corporate stating she banned me for her actions and she violates the policy of NextDoor by not using her real name which was one of 3 names which I listed all 3..

payback is a beatch.

she got canned also for violating the rule..

recently I got an Email with an apology for what took place and was asked to sign up again..

my return response screw you guys,

you have no platform for complaints to be challenged and the person that is being challenged happens to be the moderator...

which the Moderator has the final say..

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Website.

Location: Elk Grove, California

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Good for you! I feel the same way and I think I'll say the same thing if anyone ever gets back to me asking me to rejoin.

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