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How anti-neighbor can you get...? I think NxtDr is striving for this title in my City, have crashed and burned in several before this, and many others are soon to follow. Their true hidden agenda to use its users, and their data is not shared openly, but it is quite apparent they have no respect or care for anyone, but themselves, and the true purpose of the app became quite clear...

I think you can gather what happened in my case after reading the email I sent them (tried to find all the emails I could, they keep contact information very guarded). I finally after sending 4 emails, received a generic email response back (from a "Krystal") with no real info of how to prove to them my identity (which was already done 1yr ago), just that they question my true name and blocked my account...

This all occurred October 14th, 2018 and have only heard form them 1x since with a useless response...

My email:

"This is why more people do not use this site, but a prime example of how "others" are joining in San Diego, under proven false information /with clearly false names (takes 1 min to Google a fake name to verify the joke) and its an insult when the good people are the ones to be taken advantage of through retaliation and falsely reporting back when we flag these breaches of your security measures. This is why your system and processes does NOT protect the true neighbors, and how the fake people/thieves, and people that need to be screened slip by. This is EXACTLY why your process of demanding all of our personal information to join is so unnecessary, antiquated, and does NOT work. When others join under false pretenses like this situation, it is due to YOUR poor internal systems, and is unfair to us REAL members.

This should not be some power trip, or for whoever decided to close my account to make this personal, this is your business model, and it does have an impact on your future. We are a tight group of great neighborhoods (I grew up in San Diego and recently moved back) where we know one another and we talk…I use to find some value amongst the poor posts by many, but now with this power move by, "Krystal" at Nextdoor…negative feedback and information travels quickly!

I had concerns from the beginning and was reluctant to even join because of the clear holes in the lack of security with our personal information to others on the site, but I care about our neighborhood and now I am the one who has their account suddenly "disabled" what a slap in my face.

If one had looked quickly at the past 1yr of my posts, I think you would have thought 2x about doing so as I have been one of the more helpful, honest, and respectful contributors...My ONE mistake was to report some FAKE users (again, when you Google their names you will see that they come up as fictional character names and are a total joke, they have no history on your site, and you let them on due to your lack of security and poor vetting process) I would caution you on being so quick to take a proven false identities word on anything before taking actions like this, as it is keeping us good neighbors away and skeptical of this site. The FAKES will be found out another way, but us good neighbors who want to help and who got some value from the helpful information shared, will dwindle in numbers (most I know already don’t participate on the site any longer), along with kicking quality neighbors off at random as you did my account…You will be left with a weak neighbor participation rate, low %'s, not being able to sell advertising as you can't charge much when no users in an area, etc…and Nextdoor will chalk this major City up as yet another failed attempt…like many others…!?!?

I have received a lot of thank you emails for the resource info I have shared, and that I have helped others with.

I find it a little shocking that at the end of the day, Nextdoor really does not care about quality of people there are on the site, the truthfulness of the contributions, and Nextdoor must have a really poor working environment to warrant such a rampant "Dictatorship" or "Elitist" role, as you have with many others here in San Diego, and abroad.

This is one of the worst examples of poorly run companies I have seen in a long time...Sad..."

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Nextdoor Cons: Dangerous with personal information displayed, Staff, Poor management, Lack of respect, Not willing to listen to an established member.

Location: Coronado, California

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Data mining at its finest and great source to monitor users, their posts, feedback, interests, where you are and when... Little scary wrapped in what would be a great neighborhood resource...

If it was not developed purely based on making money and gathering our information...

It should be illegal for them to even offer such services the way they do without being honest in their intentions... Pure ***



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